English Intent

At Lymington CE (Aided) Infant School we believe that every pupil has the right to be able to read and write effectively and to be able to communicate with others effectively in a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse world.


Speaking and Listening Intent

Through our English curriculum we enable pupils to speak clearly and audibly, and to take account of their listeners. We encourage children to listen with concentration, in order to identify the main points of what they have heard. We aim to show children how to adapt their speech to a wide range of circumstances and demands.


Reading Intent

We aim to help our pupils become confident, independent readers who read widely and often as well as sharing an enjoyment of reading for pleasure. Through reading, we want our pupils to have the opportunity to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Pupils will have the skills to decode words in order to be able to read fluently. Reading will also enable our pupils to become enthusiastic and reflective readers, through contact with challenging and substantial texts that they are able to deeply comprehend.


Writing Intent

We aim for pupils to be able to communicate and compose coherent and effective writing in a range of forms, for a range of readers and for a range of reasons. Pupils will be able to apply a range of learnt literacy devices including grammatical structures and punctuation in order to write effectively. They will also be able to write clearly, legibly and fluently, with speed and accuracy as well as spelling accurately. Pupils will be given the opportunities to plan and organise ideas and content of writing for coherence and accuracy. In addition, they will improve writing through reflection, evaluation, feedback, proof-reading, revising, editing and redrafting. Pupils will have the opportunity to apply an appropriate and rich vocabulary in order to achieve purpose of the writing. Overall we aim for pupils to foster the enjoyment of writing, and to show recognition of its value.