Purple Mash Home Learning

Finding Story of the Day

Click on ‘Work’ folder
>Go to ‘School’ and click on arrow
>Click on ‘Story of the Day’
>You can also select year group ‘Year R’ to see other stories



Activities and games you can play with your child. 

Word Wall Games

Maths Games and Activities

Practising your child’s handwriting and number formation is also another important skill you can do daily.

Handwriting Formation Cards

Ten Town Number Formation

Ideas to develop fine and gross motor skills at home

  • “Magic writing” – letter formation practise using a finger in a tray of flour/glitter/jelly/sand etc.
  • Cutting out pictures from catalogues, cutting own pictures or along different wavy/zig-zag lines.
  • Modelling materials—clay, plastecine, playdough, sand etc.
  • Painting and printing
  • Threading beads./buttons/pasta to a timer—can they beat their own score?
  • Use water pistols to reach a target or “paint” outdoor bricks with paintbrushes and water or chalk, use bath crayons.
  • Fix lego, screw and unscrew lids, post pennies in a moneybox, sprinkle seeds.
  • Fold paper to make shapes/envelopes   
  • Wash walls with soap and brushes
  • Mop the floor! Or sweep up leaves!
  • Draw circles on large pieces of paper
  • Use large rollers/brushes
  • Pull up bodies on rope/climbing frames
  • Ribbon and scarf twirling