Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

At Lymington Infant School we believe in developing the ‘whole’ child not just the academic side. We have a cycle of values that we follow to teach the children a range of life skills through our worships.

If our school is that they should be able to achieve well, have respect for themselves and each other and thrive as an individual. The British Values, along with the Schools Golden Rules and our Staff Team Charter, help us to make Lymington Infants a positive, caring, learning environment for all. We promote relationships that are built on trust, fairness, honesty, respect and tolerance. We want children to celebrate their differences and diversity of cultures as this ultimately enriches the learning experience for all who work and learn here. All children are encouraged to listen to each other and show respect when their peers have differing opinions or beliefs. Philosophy for Children lessons (P4C) provide a vehicle for allowing children to share ideas and ask ‘big questions’ around a variety of key concepts such as family, friendship, hope, love, fear.

We are a school which actively seeks to be part of the community and one of the ways in which we do this is to have a termly Community Tea with locals. Children entertain our guests for a whole hour, serving them tea and mince pies, hot cross buns or scones depending on the time of year! This is one way in which we ensure children appreciate the diversity of their community and learn to appreciate that growing old is something we will all do!