We have a dedicated team – here is a bit more information about us.

Miss Morris
My name is Julia Morris and I am the Headteacher. I work with the whole staff to help secure high standards of teaching and learning across the school.

I have three children and a very lively dog! In my spare time I enjoy walking and cycling in the New Forest and travelling.

Miss Mitchell

I am a teacher in Reception. I love to take part in sports, especially netball. I also enjoy going out for dinner and going on holidays with my friends and family.

Miss French

I am a Year 1 teacher. 

In my spare time I like to read and bake. I also enjoy spending time with my nephew and going out with my friends.

Mrs Goodchild
I work with Miss Mitchell in Starfish Class in Reception.

I have four children: three sons and a daughter. Spare time is very rare, but if I do get some I like to relax with a good book, eat out and going for walks in the forest with my family.

Mrs Finn
I work in Year 2 with Miss J Angel.

I have two children. I enjoy walking and spending time with my family.

Mrs Pitman
I work across the whole school. I also work with individual children from years R, 1 and 2 in ‘Speech and Language’. Out of school I enjoy playing badminton and riding my bike.

I have two sons and two grandchildren.

Mrs Matthias
I am a Lunchtime Supervisor. I am a widow with two grown up children and four grandchildren. I enjoy zumba, swimming and I am a Rainbow Guide Leader in Lymington.

Mrs Saunders
I work in the Year 2 class with Miss Bull. We make their last year with us a fun and happy one, where they can learn in a positive environment.

Miss Lailey
My name is Joanne Lailey and I am a teacher in Year 1.

I like reading and playing badminton. I also like going for walks in the forest and by the sea.

Mrs Chamberlain
I am a Teaching Assistant and work in Reception. I am married with two children and two step-children.

I enjoy reading and ‘making’ – anything from craft projects to cakes.

Mrs Russell
I work with children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

I have two grown up children and three granddaughters. I enjoy craft work and holidays in Spain.

Mrs Dowding
I am the Business Manager and I deal with finance, personnel, first aid, maintain the records and also teach recorders and choir.

My outside interests include sailing, singing and playing ‘cello and guitar’.

Mrs Waters
My main role is working in the office with Mrs Dowding. I am also the School Librarian which I really enjoy as I love reading! I also work as a Teaching Assistant in Year 2.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, walking, gardening and going on holiday.

Ms Drodge
I am a Lunchtime Supervisor. I love working outdoors and helping with Wild Wood. I also look after the pond area in the school grounds. 

Mr Tillyer
My name is Phil and I am the Site Manager.

Ms Miles
I am a Lunchtime Supervisor.

Mrs Moore
My name is Caroline Moore and I am a teacher in Year 1.

I love to travel and explore new places. At weekends I enjoy going for walks on the beach, eating out and seeing my friends and family.

Miss Angel
My name is Miss Angel and I am a Year 2 teacher. I also am Acting Deputy Head working alongside Miss Morris.

I am responsible for English across the school and am keen to excite and engage the children in every aspect of their learning.

Miss Eales
I am Miss Eales and work in Year 1 with Miss French. I enjoy sailing, baking, painting and cycling.

Miss B Angel
I am a Reception teacher. I enjoy canoeing and going to the beach. I also like going out with my friends and family. 

Miss Bull
I am a Year 2 teacher in Rainbow Fish class.

I live in Sway with my family. We have a dog and a horse. In my free time I enjoy rowing and seeing my friends.

Mrs Conway
I work with Miss Angel in Reception. I have two daughters and I live in Lymington.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family. I also like going swimming, eating out and going on holiday.

Mrs Bateman
My name is Rebecca and my role in school is working with children in years R, 1 and 2. I also offer support to parents and carers where needed on a range of issues.

I live in Lymington with my family and two teenage sons.

Mrs Wort
I am the Head Lunchtime Supervisor. I also work in Year 1 with Miss Lailey.

I live in Lymington, I have three boys and enjoy reading and walks with my dog.

Miss Oliver
I am a Lunchtime Supervisor.