Year 1

Learning to support your child at home

Please help your child to practise their Word Walls daily.

KS1 High Frequency Word Wall 1

KS1 High Frequency Word Wall 2

KS1 High Frequency Word Wall 3

KS1 High Frequency Word Wall 4

KS1 High Frequency Word Wall 5

KS1 High Frequency Word Wall 6

KS1 High Frequency Word Wall 7

KS1 High Frequency Word Wall 8

Parents are encouraged to read to their children daily and also spend time listening to their children read to them.

Questions to help you get more from your child


BBC Bitesize

ICT Games



Backyard Nature

Phonics Play Phase 5


Purple Mash

Suggested Purple Mash Activities:

Home/English/Persuasive Writing. 


Bond Bubbles

Home/Mathematics/Number/Multiplication and Division

Download Year 1 Topic Overview Leaflet Spring 2

Please also use the Curriculum Overview leaflet for ideas. E.g. write a set of instructions on how to brush your teeth, draw pictures of plants you can see outside and find out the names of them or sequence the events in your day using before, after, next etc. 

Purple Mash Home Learning

Letter to Parents Letter to Children

Year 1 Animal Activities Week 1

Finding Story of the Day

Click on ‘Work’ folder
>Go to ‘School’ and click on arrow
>Click on ‘Story of the Day’
>You can also select year group ‘Year R’ to see other stories



Activities and games you can play with your child. 

Word Wall Games

Phonics and Spelling

Maths Games and Activities…coming soon

Practising your child’s handwriting and number formation is also another important skill you can do daily.

Handwriting Formation Cards Cursive

Writing Activities

Year 1 Sound Mat