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Lymington CE Infant School


Science Intent

At Lymington Infants we aim to equip and guide our children to become ‘super scientists’ by encouraging them to explore everything around them. We are lucky to have a fantastic wild wood area which enhances and enriches science in our school, providing children with the opportunity to carry out longitudinal hands on experiments. Trips to the Treehouse centre, Hillier Gardens and the Science centre increases our children’s enjoyment for science through real life experiences and helps them to respect the world around us.  Our broad and balanced science curriculum is fully inclusive and accessible for every child, whilst ensuring they become ‘well-rounded’, caring and responsible citizens.

We intend that all children will develop the ability to work scientifically and increase their vocabulary whilst gaining new knowledge. Children are taught the skill of problem solving where they ask their own decisions and have the opportunity to plan and investigate questions they have.  We want to build their courage to question and not accept what seems obvious.  It is our goal that all children leave KS1 as confident scientists who have developed their scientific knowledge in preparation for Key Stage 2 and beyond.  We believe that the opportunities children have at Lymington Infants allow our children to have a passion for science and aspire to continue to explore and question the world around them.

Science Implementation

Whole School Long Term Plan

Whole School Knowledge Progression

Whole School Working Scientifically Progression

Our Science Learning

Please click on the link below to find out more about our Science curriculum.