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Lymington CE Infant School

Our School Council


Our school council meet regularly with Mrs Conway to discuss any issues or ways to improve our school. A school council provides a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions that impact upon them.

At Lymington Infant School our school council is a group of children that represents the views of all our pupils. It gives our children the opportunity to have their voices heard and be part of the whole school community. They help to make decisions about school life and organise projects that support learning and development, such as playground improvements, theme days or representing the school at outside events. 

We value the opinions of our pupils and our school council gives pupils a forum to share these opinions with our school council representative Mrs Conway, the Headteacher or other members of staff.  They meet regularly on a Thursday and minutes are kept for each meeting with clear actions. 

Please see below an example of our school council minutes.

School Council Minutes

At the start of the year we hold school council elections where children are invited to complete a form and present to their peers. A class election is then held and two children from each class are elected to be on the school council. 

Read on to find out the recent actions school council have taken!

Action 1 - Development of the Quiet Area

We wrote a letter to Miss Morris explaining our concerns about the use of the Quiet Area and came up with some suggestions we felt would make it better for everyone. Miss Morris agreed with us and kindly organised the delivery of the new equipment we had suggested and asked for. She joined us in one of our meetings to discuss the plans and what work would be carried out.

 This was our letter!

Letter to Miss Morris 

This is the quiet area before!

The children then went on to present their own ideas and developed the area into a great space.  It is now used regularly as part of our playtimes. Take a look at the presentation the children shared in our worship!

School Council Worship

 Look at the difference we made!

Action 2 - Scooting safety on our school driveway

Next topic…. after conducting a survey one morning with Miss Morris about the use of our scooter/bike park and how many children use other ways of getting to school, we found that there was an issue with the children riding their scooters and bikes too fast down the path and not staying with their grown ups.
To tackle this problem we had a meeting about what we could do to help the children be safe when coming to school so we decided to make some posters to put up to help remind the children to be careful and slow down. We then shared these with our classes.


Designing and delivering Christmas Cards

Our School Council decided that they would like to do something to help in our community at Christmas time.  They asked their class mates for ideas and came together in a meeting where they decided to design, make and deliver their own Christmas cards. Here are some pictures of the process;

Picnic Lunches

As the weather has been getting warmer, school council have come up with a great idea!  They wrote to Miss Morris to suggest we make Monday a picnic day where children could sit on picnic blankets outside to eat their packed lunch.  They also asked for some new picnic blankets, one for each class.  Here is the letter they sent!

The children then made posters and visited each class to tell them about 'Picnic Monday'.  Their posters and information was then sent to parents ready for the following week.