Friends of School

Friends of School (FoS) organise fun events for parents and children throughout the year and at the same time raise valuable funds to provide extra items for the children such as transport for school trips, theatre performances etc. We are lucky to have a very hardworking team who have helped the school immeasurably over the last few years.

Friends of School is a great way to get involved with the school, have fun and make lots of new friends. We are always extremely grateful for help so if you have a talent or some time that you can offer, please get in touch with the committee via your class representative or the school office.

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Chairperson -Laura Lane (Trustee)
Vice Chair – Kerry Jones
Secretary – Jo Wells (Trustee)
Treasurer – Kate Porteous (Trustee)
Tina Bartlett (Trustee)
Kirsty Eustace (Trustee)


Class Reps
Miss J Angel – 
Miss Bull – 
Miss Frenchl – 
Miss Lailey – 
Miss B Angel – 
Miss Mitchell – 

We are looking for class reps. If you are interested please see any of the committee members.

Model Constitution for Parent Teacher Associations (England and Wales)

Class Cake Sales

December 20 – Miss J Angel’s class (Christmas)
January 31 – Miss French’s class
February 14 – Miss Mitchell’s class (Valentines)
March 13 Miss Bull’s class
April 3 – Miss Lailey’s class (Easter)
May 1 Miss B Angel’s class
June 26 Miss French’s class
July 17 – Miss Mitchell’s class

The Book Week Treasure Hunt raised £1033.69! The children had a lot of fun and raised so much towards an outdoor stage in memory of Elspeth.

Regular Cake Sales on a Friday
These are very popular and raise a lot of funds for the school.

Dates for your diary:

  6 December 3-5pm – Christmas Fair

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