Global Neighbours


                We are really excited to be working towards achieving the Global Neighbours Award.
Global Neighbours is an accreditation scheme to support, recognise and celebrate global learning in schools.
The Global Neighbours scheme inspires children to engage in social action
and to be courageous advocates for change in their local, national and global communities.

Global Neighbours across the curriculum

Our curriculum ensures that all children have opportunities to think
about their role as a Global Neighbour across all aspects of their learning.

Meet our Eco Team

Our Eco Team meet every week to share ideas on ways we can look after our school
and our environment. They also discuss ways we can all save energy at school. They monitor their classroom recycling
bins and check their class is recycling properly. They check their teachers are turning off their IWB when they are not being used
and lights are switched off at playtimes and lunchtimes.

Planting trees in our community…

We have been involved with a very exciting project this month! The children have been working alongside Lymington Town Council to plant more trees in our local community. With the Eco Team leading the way, the whole school have been involved with this project and have been learning about how important trees are to our natural environment and difference they can make by planting trees for the future. The children loved meeting the Mayor of Lymington and shared what they have been learning about with the local newspaper to help send the message to our whole community.

Green Flag Award

Last year our Eco Team supported our school in achieving the Green Flag Award. The Green Flag Award is visible indication of our schools commitment to learning for sustainability. This year we are working hard to maintain this status. Our three targets this year are water, energy and global citizenship.



Greetings to Glasgow

We took part alongside other local schools in an initiative to send a postcard to the COP26 meeting for climate change in Glasgow.
Some of the postcards were made into a banner which was displayed at the conference.

We were very proud of our children for making their voices heard. The children’s boats  were part of a fleet
                                                                            of prayer boats who wanted to stand up for climate justice.                                                                                                                        


Prayer Boats

 In a joint Christian Aid project with St Thomas’ Church, the children made prayer boats and wrote their own   prayers. These prayers were about their hopes and fears of climate change. The boats accompanied thousands of others on a journey to the world leaders
in Glasgow for the COP 26 meeting.                                                     


Empowering the next generation to be agents of change

                   Being a good Global Neighbour is more than just feeling sorry for people who are suffering from misfortune – it is about making
a difference to their lives.  One way this can be done is through courageous advocacy.


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