Our Church School

                                                                                  Our Vision

Our core Christian values of love, courage and respect shape everything we do.  We support children to become happy, confident and fulfilled individuals who build positive relationships.  We help them understand and make a positive contribution to our diverse and rapidly changing society, and to challenge injustice in the world.

Whole School Policy Review 2022

Key Enquiry:

Is the school’s theologically rooted Christian vision and values evidenced in key  school policies?

Governors at Lymington CE Infant School are part of the wider school team who help ensure that our school’s Christian vision permeates  the life of the  school.

In 2022, the Foundation Governors took on  the role of scrutinising key school policies as recommended by the School Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS ) process. The purpose was to identify where,  within each policy, the school vision and values are made explicit.

The information within each policy  forms part of the  triangulated evidence drawn from a range of Governing Body monitoring activities e.g., ‘book scrutiny’, classroom visits, pupil and staff conferencing, stakeholder surveys etc. This  evidence helps identify   the extent to which the school’s  practice is rooted in its Christian vision and values; where relevant,  these findings then inform part of the School Improvement Plant. (SIP)

All policies scrutinised were found to reflect the schools Christian vison and values. On-going monitoring activities are evidence that each policy is ‘lived out’ in full and is true to the school’s theologically rooted Christian vision.

For further detail, these policies can be found on the home page of the school website under ‘School Info’.

  • Teaching and Learning, including Assessment and Feedback policy
  • Behaviour/Anti-bullying
  • Collective worship
  • Equality and inclusion
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Religious education
  • Relationships and Sex Education policy
  • SEND
  • SMSC and spiritual development

Remembrance Day 2022
 We commemorated Remembrance Day by gathering around the flagpole
on Remembrance Day. We said prayers and listened to the Last Post
as the flag was lowered.  A wreath was laid under the flag
as the children stood silently.


Mothering Sunday
The Robins Choir sang beautifully at the Mothering Sunday service held at St Thomas’ Church. Year 2 children made
posies in school on the Friday before and handed them out to all the Mums in Church.






    Year 1 and Year 2 visited St Thomas’ Church for their Harvest Festival Service. The children also collected items for our local Basic Bank.

collection for basic bank

For detailed information about what makes Lymington Infant School distinctive as a Church school, please see the link below.

What is a Church of England School

<aclass=”lices_button” href=”https://www.lymington-inf.hants.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/RE-Policy.pdf”>RE Policy

Collective Worship Policy 2022

During lockdown our school community contributed to a lockdown journal. We created a collection of artwork, short stories, poems and prayers to help remember the time during the Covid-19 pandemic. We focused on our three core values of Love, Courage and Respect and our contributions tell how these values helped us during the time of lockdown. We showed love to our friends and family through acts of kindness. Those small acts of kindness we experienced or did for others made a big difference to how we felt during this time. Many of us felt worried or frightened because life in lockdown didn’t feel normal. We had to be extra brave and show courage at this time. Some of our contributions to our journal shared the things we did that made us feel stronger. Lockdown was a time when we may have shown more respect for someone or have thought about how Covid-19 might have helped us have greater respect for our planet. Many people think that the pandemic made a big difference to nature because we did not pollute our earth so much. Here are a few examples from our Lockdown Journal 2020.

Messy Church

You can now do your own Messy Church at home. 

Messy Church at Home Ideas