Year 2

Please watch our video on Spelling Strategies. Keen-eyed parents-spot the spelling mistake!


Spring Term 2

Our current topic in Year 2 is ‘He’s Behind You!’


Year 2 Spring 1 He’s Behind You Topic Leaflet

Curriculum Map

We follow a planned course throughout Year 2



Download Year 2 Curriculum map

PE Days

Monday and Friday afternoon

Reading Advice
At Lymington Infant School we work in a close partnership with parents in teaching pupils to read. Parents are encouraged to read to their children daily and also spend time listening to their children read to them. We believe that a great deal of being a successful reader is the ability to discuss what has been read and use the knowledge to continually build a greater understanding of the world around them.

In school we try to immerse the pupils in a rich diet of wonderful literature and develop within them the desire and confidence to become successful readers. To support this pupils are taught a variety of skills and are given support and time to practise these.

The skills are:

  • handling books and understanding how they work
  • developing a bank of words that they recognise (key word walls)
  • learning phonics (Whole school follow the government approved scheme Letters and Sounds and in Foundation they also use Song of Sounds)
  • comprehension skills to develop understanding of the text

All these skills are practised in a variety of ways- individual reading, group reading, shared reading, partner reading to name but a few. We use a wide range of different reading schemes: Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star, Story Worlds, Red Rocket Readers, Treetops, Discovery World and Pearson Phonics Bug to name but a few. The children are also encouraged to read other literature appropriate to their age.

We also try to instil in the pupils a love of reading and the benefits of having ‘a book as a friend’. For more information on how to support your child with reading see the videos and handouts from our English Workshop.

Download Reading Advice

Year 2 have been learning about invertebrates during their enrichment time and had fun creating a land art picture of their favourite ‘mini-beast’.